Fellow mother


Fellow Mother

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“When I first got to know I have conceived twins, I was panicking and at the same time I was happy. I knew I would not get much time for myself post delivery so I pampered myself at home with best of essential oils and body butters to soothe my itchy tummy which was growing.
I made a stern decision to not over pamper the kids. To get this message clear to all the elderly in the family was a tough job and I did it during the pregnancy itself. When my boys were born elders were prepared so was I. I knew initial few months I would be at mum’s house and she would want the best for me so she hired a lady to bathe me and the twins, and also hired a cook. She wanted to call in a full-time Nanny; I refused because I very well knew when I reach back to Muscat it will just be me, my husband and the Boys. 
Initially, all the help was definitely needed. I got into my form swiftly, I started bathing my twins, and when they started on solids I started to involve them in the Kitchen chores. During their kitchen-time ,strictly no one was allowed to pick up the babies and put them on their lap. These little things helped me when we moved to Muscat.
The Pandemic hit  just a couple months after we moved to Muscat, so my husband was working from home and it made a lot of difference. I could move to kitchen make lunch, dinner, wash vessels. Whenever I was with the kids, my husband would do the laundry, put them to dry and bring it back. We would also go for a walk around the house amidst lockdown.
A great lesson, and I am still learning as my kids are just 26 month old, is to be well prepared as to what we are getting into. I plan my chores and other fun activities which I call me-time during their nap which is very essential as a human being. As they are growing old they might want to be clingy, on such days my husband takes over the kitchen and makes Roti or Khichadi. 

Now I am all set for the naughtier days, I don’t loose my cool and give them a pat on their back as it’s their inquisitive nature which is making them discover new things like wearing a sock by themselves or wearing their trouser or a shirt, or combing their hair, or even rearranging the pillows such a way that it becomes their play slide. What goes into doing all this is a heavy load of clean up. It is sometimes good to teach them to put it back, sometimes let it as is or sometimes scold them too. But as a Mother I have never been hard on myself. It’s okay if the house isn’t spick and span and it’s okay to let kids be kids. This is one chance in lifetime to enjoy their childhood.

But then people ask what about Twins, how do you manage? Single baby or twins my approach would be the same. But I am grateful it’s twins because if not anybody they have each other to play with. While I am doing chores I overlook what they are playing and when they need my intervention. If it was a single baby I think the baby might have needed more attention from the parents.
So far away from home, in a Country which is not ours by birth but made it home because of the work. It is not easy to even ask the neighbours for a minor help. It’s hard, but we talk through the doors and we are good. A great partner who proactively helps when needed. 
The Lockdown isn’t quite strict,as of now; we are loosening and taking our kids to outer world. As much as the kids need parents presence, they need human interaction and Nature’s interaction. So far so good. We look forward to the future with great hope: The important and formative years of Toddlers. 

Signing off from Muscat Vibha Simha, mamma of Baby Mandar and Baby Toyaj"


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