Our Story

We had begun to search for something unusual for our daughter to wear since we were blessed with her, not that she was a choosy infant but her parents were. What the mainstream market offered us, often, did not meet our desires. What did we want? Something quirky, something earthy, something us, but mostly breathable and yet, eye-catching.

What did the word sustainability mean for us? It meant reducing toxicity in our ecosystem. It meant reducing the harm that we cause by our lifestyle choices as humans. We wondered if we could take a step to proceed in this direction with the fabrics that we sourced and tailored for our daughter. We wondered if we could also impart the honest clothing into our environment.

The handspun, handwoven and handcrafted fabrics in the form of Frocks, Pants, Jumpsuits, Coats,et al that we experimented with, initially for our daughter, are ready for introduction to fellow sons and daughters.

We present to you our take on Hippieness. For us being Hippie meant being carefree yet mindful of our environment. HippieRutu is coalescence of our love, empathy, style and beliefs. We don’t just offer you good clothes but good vibes.