Plum pastel Pink handloom cotton saree has dual shaded Maroon Patteda Anchu. The pastel Pink pallu has stripes in hues of dusty White and Maroon ending in handmade tassels. The saree has Butterscotch Cream hue running blouse. 
length- 6.25mts
Note: This is a completely handwoven and may bear marks of the loom and show thread joints made on the loom that cannot be considered as damage but beauty of the art. 

Ilkal Weaves:
In a quaint little town of Ilkal, the weavers dedicatedly weave the signature styles of the region that is quite popular all over the world.
Ilkal also has a Misnomer: Irkal.
A traditional Ilkal Saree has its body woven in Cotton and its pallu, in Silk. Ilkal Sarees are woven in complete silk and complete cotton, too. Variants of Ilkals are found widely, but the traditional bright red Pallu with silver detailing in the Saree, remains most sought after. Ilkal Sarees have borders named as Gayatri, Chikki Paras, Gadi,etc for their unique styles. They even have different names for patterns in Pallu such as Kote Kammli, Topu Teni, Hanigi,etc


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