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A gorgeous dual shaded Pinkish Purple handwoven fine cotton saree has aesthetically placed tassels. The multicolored border adds an extraordinary charm to it. The festive pallu has tassels & traditional motifs of Temple architecture.
Note: Any irregularities you notice is because this is a completely handwoven piece.
( Please note that, the saree color may vary on one’s screen due to varied lighting )

The elegant Bhujodi sarees come from Bhuj of Kutch. The weavers that migrated from Rajasthan to Gujarat long ago, settled in Kutch and kept their textile art alive. Bhujodi Sarees are rich not only in colours but in symbolism and usage of motifs. Bhujodi saree takes 10-15 days to be woven.

The highlight of the saree is it’s pallu which sometimes carries codes of architecture plan of Temples of their interest.

The weavers employ Kala cotton or organic cotton to weave each unique heirloom

Organic Kala Cotton
These Motifs Take a lot of precision and skill to be achieved. Those big Rangoli like Motifs are known as Dhulki.


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